Commercial websites can only have one objective!

And that is to sell something to someone or, at least, to start a conversation with someone who has the potential to be your next new customer.

To do this effectively, there are a number of steps which need to be addressed to ensure that visitors to your site are:

There is a real need to be aware of who your customers are, what their needs and aspirations might be and their motivation to want to buy what it is you sell.


When we know all this, we can develop a website that engages them, one which your market can relate with and which fosters confidence in your business. 


It's this pragmatic and measured marketing approach from Semler Digital that will give you a website with a real and distinct advantage in your market. 

  • Sufficiently engaged to stay on your site

  • Motivated by well-written and persuasive text

  • Comforted into a trusting relationship 

  • Reassured by a professional and dynamic website

  • Given good reason to contact you and say Hello!



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Brand Management

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Web Design


Who we are & what we do 

Semler Digital is a digital marketing consultancy.

Based in Adelaide South Australia, Semler Digital principal David Semler doesn't generally build websites, but rather project manages the site-build with the support of a team of selected SA based professionals in the IT, graphic design, photographic, SEO, e-commerce and social media sectors.

Semler himself, with his strategic marketing background, brand-management experience and highly creative approach to marketing, works closely with this team of specialists to build you a site which has been carefully and intelligently considered and very much customer-centric.

The result will be a pragmatic and imposing website which will ensure your visitors' experience with, and perception of, your business will be positive, trusting and memorable.


Our work

Below are links to a sample of our work representing a cross-section of budgets, briefs and businesses.

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Your next step

Ideally, Semler Digital would like you to call them to arrange a meeting to discuss digital marketing.

The reality is that this probably isn't going to happen until you are a little more confident that your time at a meeting is going to be well spent.

To help you decide, you may like to ask yourself the following questions.

  • How comfortable are you with the public profile of your business?

  • How well does your company rank with your immediate competitors in terms of having a professional, capable, responsible and contemporary business?

  • Is there potential for growth for your business by sourcing new, emerging and/or transforming markets?

  • How committed are you to adopting a consumer-centric/marketing approach to business, in your business?

  • Can you name 5 reasons why people ought to do business with you?



Semler Digital

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